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Devon, United Kingdom

Burnett Rose again. I think this is a wild rose so should it be left to its own devices or do I feed it?



It is considered a British native, but don't know if that is its true origin or if it was brought over by the various invaders.

Google says "Rosa pimpinellifolia, the burnet rose, is a species of rose native to western, central and southern Europe (north to Iceland and Norway) and northwest Africa." So yes a true native found on sandy soils and poor limestone heaths

I lightly feed mine, well the one in the pot. the one in the ground doesn't get any. To be honest they thrive on sandy soils and the one in the ground flowered better than the one in the pot that had more lush leaves. Due the feed.

26 Jan, 2023


Thanks Meadowland and SPG. It is extremely thorny. The soil where it is planted is not at all sandy. It seems happy enough where it is so I think I'll just leave it and hope for the best.

26 Jan, 2023

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