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By Cynthia

Michigan, United States Us

This is a pic of my sister's purple violet. It has bloomed for ever and now no blooms. Any idea what happened?

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if she gently pulls on the leaves does the plant resist ie not pull out. Check for any pests and do not over water.

Having said that perhaps it is just having a rest. They do have phases of none flowering. Mine is just forming buds after 3 months. How long has it been flowering?

Give it a light feed and wait and see.

1 Feb, 2023


Looks like it is in a small plastic pot set in a larger one. It is now root bound and nutrients are not getting into the root ball. Very carefully take it out of the old pot and replant it into a larger one using African violet soil if you can get it. Set it back into the same location and water it with a pinch of African violet plant food when the soil needs to be remoistened. As the days get longer it should go back into action flowering. You can also start new plants using a single leaf cuttings I you wish.

1 Feb, 2023

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