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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom Gb

A small,red,mouldy tomato my daughter had grown fell off a window sill into the top of a pot containing her Avocado plan
When she looked at she noticed 7 small tomato plants were growing out of the top and the base of the “mother” plant had sent down roots into the soil.
She took it apart and ser the plants in a pot where they’re thriving.see below
Question is - is it possible they’ll live through the coming Winter ?
Hope the photo is shown




kept indoors in a cool room they will be fine. Many people start theirs off about now, though I tend to leave it until mid March.

21 Feb, 2023


Yes, low light may be more of a problem than temperature. try the window sill & turning daily to try & prevent them getting "leggy"

22 Feb, 2023


Thanks guys, I look forward to trying this
S.G. From where do you get your “ mother “ plants and what variety ? I’m an amateur and need all the help I can get.

22 Feb, 2023


I grow from seed and usually chose old varieties, Ailsa Craig is a good salad tomato and hubby's favourite.
I grow a small plum form and a cherry type that I cant remember it's name.
I start mine off mid March in a propagator in the greenhouse.

22 Feb, 2023


Thanks S,G. That’s a good start for me,

22 Feb, 2023

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