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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom

Hi folks, Recently I was up my local High street and popped into a coffee shop for a quick coffee. Whilst in there I saw free bags of used coffee grounds for compost. I have to be honest, I have never heard of this. My question is, 'Is it okay to put straight into the soil when planting young shrubs? eg Boxus & Saracocoa.



Following, as I would like to know. I had heard it was a Snail and Slug detterent though!

3 Mar, 2023


I'm not sure if you could use it that way. I'd certainly add it to the compost bin though.

interesting question.

3 Mar, 2023


Thanks folks.

3 Mar, 2023


Slightly acidic and contains a very small amount of nutrients so I would go for Eileen's suggestion and add to your compost bin a few layers at a time with other compostable materials.

3 Mar, 2023


Agreed. That is what I have done with it in the past.

3 Mar, 2023


I have used them in the past and the plants seemed to like them, but I also grow a lot of plants and trees that like an acidic soil. They are a little tough to work into the soil as they are very moist and clump together.

3 Mar, 2023

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