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Just had to relocate this clematis, replanted with plenty of compost and will water well but after any advice to give it the best chance of survival. I don't know what species it is but current growth is on old wood if that helps? Current green growth is about 5 foot long from old wood. Guessing I should trim it back but how far? Cheers



how disturbed were the roots? If you took a lot of soil with it then it may not need pruning. But usually reduce it by 50%, it should re-sprout.

10 Jul, 2023


Maintained all of the rootball. It's only been in for just under 2 years so not established. Ok will reduce and see how we go. As for the future am I best reducing down to a few feet to avoid it getting too leggy and encouraging new growth/flowers midway up the fence panel? Thanks

10 Jul, 2023


when does it flower/or do you know which variety it is?
That will affect when you prune. Check the RHS website for advice.

Pruning it down will encourage growth lower down.

11 Jul, 2023

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