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By Hank

Cheshire, United Kingdom

Not a question but you guys might be impressed in something my daughter did recently.

> Some months ago Carole found a very small tomato rotting away half covered in soil. She got it out to bin it then noticed tiny roots coming out of the base. She put them in soil on her kitchen window sill to see if anything would grow.
> Today she took me in her garden and showed me her bushy tomato plants,on which were more than 100 toms ( she’d counted them ).She said they all came from that rotting small tomato. Now she’s wondering what to do with them all.
> D.




10 Jul, 2023


That’s exactly what I said when I saw the last Sunday.

10 Jul, 2023


Been there, done that. Still very exciting when it works. Trouble is that she may now get the gardening bug in a big way. Best of luck!

10 Jul, 2023


Thanks OB, she already has it and has lots of stuff in small pots,

11 Jul, 2023


Best of luck to your daughter, it's the start of a lifelong pleasure that one can make of it what they like

11 Jul, 2023


Thanks G, if she’s not in her garden she’s tending all the small plants on her window sill.

11 Jul, 2023


Hank, that's just how my granddaughter started out, since then she helped exhibit at the Chelsea show this year a part of her horticultural college stand, and in September starts full time horticultural apprenticeship at Douneside House in Aberdeenshire.

12 Jul, 2023

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