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Unfortunately my acer is blocking my view to the rest of the garden. If I cut it in half that would improve my view, but will it kill the acer altogether? Is there a way I can trim it down and re-plant the section that I cut off?



Acers don't respond well to pruning. I'm afraid your best option is to dig it out keeping as much soil around the root ball as possible, and plant it in a sheltered spot in the garden. It will then need plenty of watering, but you'll need to wait until autumn to be sure that it will survive the move.

15 Jul, 2023


Thank you. I have the perfect shady spot for it.

15 Jul, 2023


Wherever you put it remember that Acers can get very large. Replanting branch will not survive. Perhaps taking a proper cutting might though.

15 Jul, 2023


Perhaps standing or sitting in front of it would improve your view.

16 Jul, 2023


Loosestrife, you’ve made me smile! Thank you all for your help. I’ve decided it’s going to stay put. I have many views of my garden from different angles. And all bar the slightly irritating view from my kitchen window, I’m proud of my acer in every other way. X

6 Oct, 2023


May e you can enjoy the birds that perch in it?

9 Oct, 2023

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