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Hello I need your help I have searched through my books but still am not sure is this plant a cacti or a succulent



I would say Cactus, but no idea which one.

19 Jul, 2023


Thanks Owdboggy - I have looked through my books but still am not sure

19 Jul, 2023


as it has spines I'd go cacti. As to which one no idea. Hywel may well be able to id it for you.

19 Jul, 2023


Thanks Seaburngirl - I am sorting out my entries for the Shrewsbury Flower Show - hence the panic lol

20 Jul, 2023


It's a cactus. They have swollen stems and spines that arise from points called areoles.
It's Gymnocalycium but I can't tell which species.

You can tell a Gymnocalycium because the flower buds have no hairs on them - Gymnos means naked and calyx are the sepals that enclose the bud.

Also you must say it's a CACTUS and not a cacti.
CACTI is plural.

Good luck with the show :)

21 Jul, 2023


Thankyou Hywel your help is greatly appreciated - I lost quite a few cacti during the cold weather especially my epiphyllum - fortunately I had taken cuttings and was able to overwinter those in the utility and conservatory - thanks again - Jane

21 Jul, 2023

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