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Hello again - same question is this plant a succulent or a cacti - I bought it from a plant sale in Wales - Many thanks for your help



Cacti are succulents, but not all succulents are Cacti.
Hywel is the best person to id this for you.

19 Jul, 2023


Cacti tend to have spines or hairs or so I was told. Based on that I'd say that was a succulent.

19 Jul, 2023


Thankyou Owdboggy and Seaburngirl I do appreciate your help

20 Jul, 2023


It looks like a Faucaria which have these jaw-like leaves, maybe Faucaria tuberculosa.

20 Jul, 2023


Thankyou Wylienthea

I am on my way to read up about this plant in my Gardening books

20 Jul, 2023


As Wylie said it's Faucaria

Cacti have swollen stems and spines that arise from points called areoles, which are usually tufty.
In this one you can see it has swollen leaves so it's not a cactus.

Cactus is singular. Cacti is plural.

21 Jul, 2023

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