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Hi you lovely garden people, I been having some issues with my daffodils, but strangely enough not all are behaving this way, three years ago every Daffodil bloomed as they should but the year before last and last year the Daffodil's were plentiful in the row on the left of my path, but on the right of the path they did come up absolutely fine as the should but none ever got any flower on the top as they should have done, well that's not quite right as i did get one that flowered out of 30 that didn't.
I'm thinking of removing these non flowering Daffodil's or will this be the wrong thing to do.
I alway leave all of them to die off after flowering where the long green leaves turn yellow before I remove the tops.....Where am l going wrong here as they were all flowering for at least 3 years before this problem



Couple of reasons why Daffs may stop flowering. Most commonly it is lack of food. If the clumps are large then the bulbs can struggle to get enough nutrients to make them produce flowers. Answer. Feed. I would check that they are not congested and pushing each other out of the ground. Then in about a months time give them a really good liquid feed. Miracle Grow is ok.
If the leaves on the clumps were fine then you probably do not have the other non-flowering thing of Narcissus root fly.

28 Jul, 2023


I'd go for congested and or lack of nutrients Like Owd says.

28 Jul, 2023

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