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Is this Althaea? I had one - very tall - plant which I tried to move this morning, but I think I have killed it. If it is Althaea I can try to grow others from seed.



it reminds me more of a mallow. what was the foliage like?

28 Jul, 2023


Thin, elongated and quite sparse. I have a vague feeling it’s a Hollyhock relation. Thanks Eileen.

28 Jul, 2023


Are you sure it's not althea cannabina which you said hadn't germinated? It looks like that to me, especially if the leaves are sparse. Mine is airy and 6ft tall this year. I'll post a picture when I can get out in good light.

31 Jul, 2023


Hi Ange, yes I think you must be right … thanks. I had just the one and had forgotten where I’d sown the seeds. Sorry - that’s so ungrateful of me, and it is very pretty 😕.

31 Jul, 2023

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