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West Midlands, United Kingdom

Does anyone have any experience to share of growing Tulbaghia caerulea?



I had it for a few years, but it hasn't reappeared this year. It's lovely in flower. Not sure what you would like to know?

7 Aug, 2023


I understand that it is not hardy in the uk so will need to be under cover for winter and need sharp well drained soil. I also find T violacea borderline hardy. So I bring it into the greenhouse.

7 Aug, 2023


Got the name wrong. T violaceae is what it should be. Duh!

7 Aug, 2023


Did I give you any help? Mine is in full flower at the moment but as I said it doesn't go directly into the ground. I usually plant the pot and then late Sept I lift the pot and it lives in the unheated greenhouse.

10 Aug, 2023

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