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Sad clematis

Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom

This clematis(The President I think) has done well up to the last three years when it has flowered beautifully but not any more.
This year it has finally produced a few buds which have yet to open and the leaves don’t look right. It’s been pruned to about six inches every year and fed. Can anyone help?



Have you loosened the soil around it? could be due to the soil being compacted so its not getting enough oxygen to the roots. Place a fork about 10" from the base and 6" deep and gently rock the fork to loosen the soil.

7 Aug, 2023


Its group 2, so flowers on last years wood but I don't think that's too bad that you are pruning down to 6 inches in the spring. I wonder if it's competing with the surrounding shrubs and the wooden post for moisture. I would give a heavy mulch and continue feeding with something like Vitax Q4 or similar which has lots of added elements.

7 Aug, 2023


Thank you for the advice. When it stops raining I shall follow all advice. IF it stops raining!

8 Aug, 2023


Agree, it certainly does look hungry to me.

8 Aug, 2023

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