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For a number of (perfectly valid) reasons I have been unable to harvest my cucumbers - until today. Some of them seem much fatter than I would expect. Is that because they have been growing for too long and perhaps become too old for eating? I don't want to risk becoming ill from something that is not fit to eat, but equally don't want to throw away perfectly good food. The plant itself has been growing well from a tiny seedling that I was given and planted in the garden. It is now about 6 feet high with many large leaves(some of which I have had to remove in order to see and reach the fruits) and strong side shoots spreading in all directions. One previously harvested cucumber is delicious (!) and there are still at least 6 more developing.



They wont hurt you if you decide to eat them, though the bigger ones may have gone tougher and slightly hollow in the middle. Depending on variety there may be seeds in them too.

8 Aug, 2023


Thank you Seaburngirl. I was hoping that might be the case. I think we will have to eat cucumber morning, noon and night for a while if they are not to be wasted, though I might find someone who could use at least some of them. Alan.

8 Aug, 2023


I've popped them in stir fries before and as long as they are not in for long they taste nice [my opinion though you may not agree ;o)

8 Aug, 2023


Goodness! I would never have thought of putting cucumber in a stir-fry! In fact, haven't done one for many years, but we do sometimes have a risotto. Do you think that would work?

I had another look at the plant this morning and was surprised to see it has at least seven more cucumbers forming, possibly eight. If they all develop properly, that will be no fewer than 14. I've grown them before but never known one to be so prolific.

I don't know how long they can be kept, but I've wrapped them in kitchen roll paper and put them in open plastic bags, an idea I found on the internet last year and found it worked OK, but there must surely be a limit!

9 Aug, 2023

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