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Hi you lovely people, this year has not been a great year for my 10yr old pear tree, I cannot tell you what variety it is but when bought at my local Tesco the label said "Conference Pear" but when I buy a conference pear to eat from Tesco it has a slender long neck where my pears are short neck, l did wonder if perhaps there were some pears that look different but still called a conference pear I'm just know that one of you folk will give me an answer to this, but also I want to know...................
Why does my pear tree keep getting these undeveloped pears with a Frank Brunell face on them, also stumpt in growth and they're no bigger than an inch and a half long, yes there are some that are slightly bigger but still got this Frankenstein look, where fully developed pears as in pics are beautifully shaped, what is it I'm doing wrong, I water regularly in the dryer days and feed Tomato feed once a week, Im told it work great on any plant and was having a good yield year before last so that's why I use it, also we've been having enough rain here in the south this year to help, I have seen in some past seasons and this year that some outer end leaves would turn themselves into a coil where I found aphids inside but also see a line of little soldiers climbing up the trunk in a constant trail, these ants were going up and down my pear tree trunk, as if on a motorway like they were visiting the aphids for a chat, I did wonder if it was these two different families were to blame for my horrible shaped pears but I just don't know, so I tried to put a stop to it just in case it was them, I made an homemade ant trap, two funnels one bigger than the other, measured my tree trunk then cut off the spout and a bit more to the trunk size then when big enough for the trunk I cut down the part of the cone left and opened it and wrapped it around the trunk, wide side up with a bit of tape to hold it together then put in my ant potion making sure it dont go on the bark, now do the same with the bigger funnel attached it to the trunk above the smaller cone but now wide side facing down, this stops rain getting in seal the join with tap or string this year now aphids and no ants but as trunk gets bigger I will need a bigger trap same type
But do need that answer to my odd shape and midget pears



Don't know if there is a solution to your problem but you might just have to try and experiment. Firstly, with regards your ant and aphids. You need to have a spraying programme to get rid of the aphids and the ants will loose interest. Secondly, I would stop feeding the tree. And thirdly, the lack of Boron might be the problem so look out for a specific fertiliser. Good luck!

12 Aug, 2023


Many Thanks Jimmytheone it's so lovely knowing there is someone always to help us on this brilliant forum Grows on you, I will try your suggestions, but never heard of Boron but will be looking into this and will put forwards the results when I see the difference, thanks again

12 Aug, 2023

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