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My tomatoes are very slow this year. They are still green and the last I put in still have their little yellow flowers!! I know we haven't had much sun and have had a very mixed summer but still, I thought I would have done better than this. I know the one about the apple or the banana skin but to no avail. Things have also been hampered as I broke my wrist back in May so haven't been able to tend them as much as usual. Anyone got any hints??? Surely I can salvage some. There is only so much green tomato chutney a person can stand!



I would say that you still have plenty of time. Mine are in a greenhouse, I have been feeding with tomato fertiliser, have been watering twice a day and only just starting to pick the fruits on the cherry tomatoes. In future, give the apple and banana skin the go-by.

13 Aug, 2023


Thanks Jimmytheone for your comments. I can't put mine in the greenhouse as they are all in the ground this time. I do have a few cherries now but nothing doing o far elsewhere!

15 Aug, 2023

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