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By Slimdil

Northumberland, United Kingdom

About 12 years ago I planted a few large white lilies in a couple of huge pots on our decking. They’ve flowered beautifully for the last 10 or so years with the top few inches of compost being replaced each year. However last year they looked VERY sorry for themselves and this year - zilch - just a few straggly stems. So - I have completely emptied the pots and rescued what I could of the bulbs.
What now?? Are they salvageable? Will
I dry them out and leave them in the shed till Spring? Advice please.



They do not really like being dried out. I would replant them in really rich compost. I would suggest that you look at them very carefully for overwintering Lily beetles.

17 Aug, 2023


As above, replant now in fresh compost, checking just in case there are vine weevils lurking in the "bulb "scales"
Keep eye open next year for lily beetles and remove beetles once they arrive, because they will

18 Aug, 2023


Thanks for that - will replant today.

18 Aug, 2023

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