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I have searched for some time to see if there is anyone out there who may have a Daphne 'Somerset' in their garden centre, nursery or garden, but to no avail.

It's for a special project that requires 3.

Can anybody help please.



Welcome to GoY.

The RHS link will show you suppliers who have had it recently. Hope you get lucky.

20 Oct, 2023


Daphne Burkwoodii 'somerset' is a hybrid which, I would imagine, was bred in the US so it looks like it would only be sourced from there.

21 Oct, 2023


The RHS does list several UK nurseries.

21 Oct, 2023


Certainly has been available in the UK. I am sure we had it in our previous garden. I think we got it from Cotswold Plans (or a name like that.)

21 Oct, 2023


It looks like this nursery might have some. They are in

26 Oct, 2023

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