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Why do my onions grow flowers? I have been growing onions, including red, for a few years. I favour container growing. They always taste delicious of course to such an extent that it is sacrilege to cook them! There is no contest between home grown and those you get in the shops as you growers out there will know!
However, I always get these 'one-o-clock' looking flowers on top and they do grow very tall. I do things by the book and it doesn't seem to impair the taste but where am I going wrong?
The other thing is, what is this little white hard bit you get in the middle? It comes out with no problem and again does not seem to have any bad effect on the onions themselves, but what is it?
I am sure there are easy answers to the above!



I would say that your onions are flowering as they are running to seed. This can also produce what they call 'thick stem' which shortens the keeping life. Perhaps a container is not the best place to be growing onions. Best grown in the ground as they are deep feeders and their roots grow to over a foot deep

19 Oct, 2023


Thanks, Jimmytheone as usual for your valuable input. I have heard the roots theory before, which is why I do use deep containers and always measure the depth before putting the sets in. However, I will bear your comments in mind for next time. I have never been successful with those onions I have put in the ground though.

19 Oct, 2023


Perhaps try again to grow in the ground. Dig deep and loosen the soil and add some blood, fish and bone. You can sow the sets quite close and then thin them out mid season to use then, leaving the others to fatten up.

19 Oct, 2023


Onions flower in their second year usually. So the onion set is the first year plant.
poor weather will also 'stress' the onion and most plants when stressed produce flowers to set seed to ensure the survival of the species.

The hard bit if it is at the root end of the onion is called the basal plate and is where new roots develop from. The scale leaves of the bulb [onion] are attached to it too.

if it is in the fleshy part of the onion it will the stem of the flower stalk.

19 Oct, 2023


Thanks again Jimmytheone and Seaburngirl for joining in. Just to say I am vegetarian, practically vegan so would not use any animal derived fertiliser. I do use another type though. Hope anything you have both planted this Autumn will be a roaring success next Summer!

22 Oct, 2023

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