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Shropshire, United Kingdom

Would anyone be se kind to recommend and show me any small variety or dwarf climbing roses they have growing in their garden? I'm looking for one that can happily live in a pot with small foliage and small flowers. Not too fussed on colour. Thank you.



Warm welcome is one we have here..
Small,tangerine flowers and foliage,medium is growing through a Clematis...posted a photo a few days ago.

19 May, 2024


there is a small flowered one from my neighbours garden in the 70's called Dorothy Perkins, but the RHS says it is a rambler. My memory of it was it was in a large pot over their front door.

19 May, 2024


Sorry to be a killjoy but I would say that roses and pots do not go together. They like to have their roots in the cool and damp. Even though you water regularly they will be stressed in a container and more susceptible to pests and diseases.

20 May, 2024


I’m growing several DA roses in large containers and they are thriving! No blackspot or green fly.

20 May, 2024


Have a look at Rosa Nozomi. It’s a treasure! But sorry, not a climber. However, I did grow Rambling Rosie in a big square container for a few years and it was quite happy.

22 May, 2024


Thank you Cottagekaren.

24 May, 2024

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