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I had some rhubarb that must be over 20 years old I tried to dig it out and have planted a new rhubarb plant but new shoot have started to come through from the news I thought I'd dug it must have left some root behind will they be still good to eat when they're grown

On plant sorry shoots are coming through from the old plant that I tried to dig out but couldn't get all the root out



Yes, of course. Just as edible as before. Not the easiest of plants to dig out.
Ours here must be nearly 65 years old and it still produces good stems.

18 Jun, 2024


that's brilliant to know gosh it isn't easy to dig out your 👍

18 Jun, 2024


thanks that's brilliant to know hope I did reply right not clued up yet

18 Jun, 2024


our rhubarb is 30 yrs old and I stopped trying to dig it out 15 yrs ago. Still tastes as good as ever.

and yes you replied correctly. You will soon get the hang of this site. ;o)

18 Jun, 2024


Thanks for the reply

18 Jun, 2024

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