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By Cazoo1

Worcestershire, United Kingdom

Good Morning...My Tamarisk is quite old now and has never been pruned. Too scared !! But it seems to becoming very leggy and straggly do I give it a good cut back or not.
As you can see a Juniper is surrounding the this a problem to the Tamarisk ??



I would go for shortening the fronds by half. The Junipers are definately starving the Tamarisk so a good feed and regular watering and trimming the Junipers away from stems will improve the situation.

3 Jul, 2024


Thanks the you mean the the branches.. or the feathery bits? and what feed would you advise ??

7 Jul, 2024


I meant the feathery bits at the end of the thicker branches. Feed with something like blood, fish and bone but as I said the Junipers will always restrict the growth of your Tamarisk. The ideal would be to cut back the Junipers and perhaps give the Tamarisk a mulch as a means of keeping the moisture around the roots.

7 Jul, 2024

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