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I'm growing a peach and a nectarine against a hedge. I need to make a shelter for them to cover them with polythene over the winter months, as is done in Wisley. I wonder whether you have some advice or whether there are some plans which would give me some help on the size of wood used and the construction of a shelter.



basically any frame covered in polythene will act like a windbreak & take off like a kite, so depending on how sheltered your spot is will depend on how strong your frame will need to be. If it's sheltered a simple frame of bamboo canes tied together with cross braceing for rigidity will be fine but if it's prone to the elements then 2"x2" timber batons are more than adequate. You dont say what size your trees are but I'm assuming they are not too tall? I am not familier with Wisley's approach as to how they protect their trees so I'm interested to see if there are any photo's on the net I can find. Regards plans if you look on youtube & see what folk do to protect their fruit this will give you an idea regards structure. Good luck.

20 Oct, 2010

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