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Hi everyone, Should I be feeding my winter flowering pansies and violas? If not why not, as opposed to feeding summer flowers? Thanks.



No, Silverbell. Just water them occasionally at this time of year and through the winter, just to keep the compost slightly damp. Why? Because the food would promote lots of young and vulnerable new growth, which would be susceptible to frost.

You can feed them in the spring, and probably cut them back a bit, too, as they do tend to get straggly by then.

22 Oct, 2010


I've planted pansies in a tub. They came with instructions on the label to water with food after planting to prevent transplant shock, then through the season for the flowers. I haven't fed them for exactly the reasons Spritz has mentioned and because they were planted into new compost. I think they've got enough grub to be going on with. They may get a feed next year if I decide to keep them.

22 Oct, 2010


Thanks Spritz and Seabird. I've not been feeding them but thought it a good idea to check. :))

22 Oct, 2010

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