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office plants


By Arlene

Swansea, United Kingdom Gb

hi there
My daughter 's company is relocating to a larger office locally and as they are a small outfit at the moment she has been asked as the only female to get some plants to brighten up their working areas and the boss'/conference room.
I have done mixed planting into containers for the house but because I have been around to mist etc I have been able to use things that won't survive in a dry heated environment and worry about pests on cacti.
I wanted something less boring than rubber trees etc has anyone got thoughts please?



Fake ones!

29 Aug, 2008


Spider plants and bird of paradise grows well in an office enviorment.

I gave my son these for there office and feedback growing very well also xmas cactic.

30 Aug, 2008


I've studied interior planting has part of my horticultural studies and to the best of my knowledge the most reliable and elegant looking plant you could use that survives very well indoors providing you have appropriate levels of light is Howea fosteriana.

I think you daughter is great for realising the importance of LIVING interior plants. The amount of research into the benifits of interior plants is mind boggling. It's backed by feng shuai experts, physcologists and sceintists from all different fields of expertise, NASA has also done extensive research on the subject.

There are other plants that I'd reconmend but lets just see how you get along with that one.

30 Aug, 2008


Spathyphyllum, or Peace Lily, is a good one to grow in offices as it soaks up the nasties generated by computers, plastic and neon lights. Spider Plant is another goody and, as you probably know, it throws out a spike of tiny white flowers followed by new little plants that can be pegged down into a small pot of compost and cut away from their "mum" when they have rooted so you get new plants.

30 Aug, 2008


Spider plants and peace lilies are definitely useful for soaking up the nasties that office machinery gives out. Unfortunately the printer is the worst culprit and itget light-loving plants anywhere near. Ivy will do a mderately good job and will tolerate very low light levels.
I've not tried myself but I'm told that gerbera is good -- and think of those lovely flowers to brighten the place up.
I've not got time today but if you check Wikipedia for office plants I seem to remember a list of the best for different situations.

30 Aug, 2008


Lucky Bamboo, have one on my office desk, loves the floursecent light and needs very little water

30 Aug, 2008


you could also try Urn plants, they are quite interesting and it is one that we use quite a lot in our interior landscaping projects -(speaking now as a florist) also you could try phalanopsis orchid. good luck

31 Aug, 2008


hello there
I would like to thank everyone who replied for your suggestions.
We had to get the plants quickly so a quick look on the web
revealed that Ikea had a good selection so went off to the nearest one in Cardiff and was quite amazed by their selection and prices!
For £130 we bought large specimans of Yucca, Zamioculas Smaragd and Pachira Aquatica with plaited trunk.
Also got fairly large Anthurium, Guzmania,Boston Fern,Peace Lily,Dracaena marginata and some very attractive pots and a tray with wheels.
I have been on some of the sites selling these plants and the larger ones were going for the same amount that we spent for everything for just one of the big ones.
Whilst it was not somewhere that immediately sprung to mind I am extremely pleased with our shopping and if she needs more then we will be back!
many thanks

31 Aug, 2008

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