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Arum Lily

Northampton, United Kingdom Gb

Can any one tell me why my Arum Lily did not flower this year? It died back last year after its first year of flowering - there were many lovely flowers al thro' the summer. This year the leaves were slow to show but now (late August) it is full of leaves, very healthy but no flowers at all. Any ideas please



my first though would be the strange weather we have been having it seems to be affecting all kinds of plants, but it would'nt really make sense for an Arum as the wet conditions without much sun are just what it likes. maybe it is a bit overcrouded? in which case i would advise lifting and dividing once it starts to die back.

31 Aug, 2008


My arum lily was almost the same this year, mine has flowered the last 2 years but this year its only grew to 10 inches high, though i have had a couple of flowers off it, it does look rather dwarfed. Going to re-pot in a very large pot with other lillies and see how it goes next year.

31 Aug, 2008


I've had one of these in a pot in my pond for about 3 years and this year I have never seen anything so big! It's had about 4 flowers all season but the foliage has been incredible. It dies down in the late autumn/early winter - I don't touch it - it stays in the pond and the next year it comes up bigger than before. Might have to repot it soon.

3 Sep, 2008

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