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what's the cheapest most effective way to "re-glaze" a 2nd hand greenhouse?



You can get polycarbonate thin enough to fit now, (I've done my mum's with it, cos she's wobbly, and I hate the thought of her sumbling into glass). The only thing with polycarbonate is that it's light, and needs extra fixings to prevent the wind from flexing it and blowing it out. Phil J

10 Nov, 2010


Try some online auction site's for cheap glass,you can search within a certain radius of your address... normally some good deals to be had and cheaper than buying from a shop/garden centre.

10 Nov, 2010


thanks for the response. J

11 Nov, 2010


i would tally up the prise of a new or second hand green house against the price of just the glass . it just mite be cheaper to get another whole green house .

11 Nov, 2010

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