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At long last my small green house is more or less finished !.


By rogi


Some while ago I wrote and said that I had bought a small green house via an ebay(.de) shop. It came all nicely packed up, but as the weather was bad at the time we have just got round to assemebling it. It cost 150€ including freight. It´s size is 195 cms X 130 cms X 190 approx. The building instructions we found not easy to follow as they had been translated a few times and the illustrations were not brilliant, but after a lot of swearing and cut hands we finaly got it put together…the last polycarbonate panes I put in today. I find it a bit primative but I suppose you get what you pay for…but in general I am satisfied with it…well I´m left with no choice now am I…it just needs finnishing off now…shelfs and plants put in etc.
Here is a series of photos that I taken over a period of time. That is my son Benny in the photos…not me.

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That's a cute little greenhouse! Hope it works well for you.. (and is worth all the cuts and cursing!) :)

15 Apr, 2011


Looks great to me mine was £14.99 but its not half that size, metal frame and 2 shelves with a plastic zip on cover but its amazing how much stuff i can get in it!! Good luck with the plants

16 Apr, 2011


A greenhouse is a great addition to your gardening year. It looks great. I wish you many happy hours pottering in it. We bought a walk in green house with a plastic cover a few years back. I saw replacement covers last year and bought one because they do eventually perish. Well it perished in the last winter and the frame collased too. It was just slot together steel tube but it did the job. Now I was left with a cover and nothing to put it on. The same green house is now costing between £40 and £70 depending on where you shop. It is 4' x 6' and was a very handy addition to my glass green house. My Husband has had a lot of plastic plumbing piping lying around for a long time which he offered to convert in to a new frame. He started yesterday lunch time and by 5pm it was all ready to erect. I quickly got rid of the old one and cleared the space to take the new version. We tried the cover on and because the elbow joints he had available could not quite replicate the peak on the cover we decided to lower the uprights by 4 inches. The peak will never fit A1 but it will do me. The cover does come down to the ground level. We ran out of time so today is going to be make or break. What am I doing playing on GOY. There is a garden calling. Love you all, you make life so much more interesting.

19 Apr, 2011


Oh, I'm envious o your greenhouse! No space left in my small garden for one, just hae to make the best of a coldframe and a plastic growhouse. Sigh . . . . .

19 Apr, 2011


Actually apart from the fact that I can stand in my greenhouse I have to confess because it is not heated I do not use it much except to bring on my hanging baskets and to overwinter anything tender, sometimes as a potting shed out of the cold wind.

19 Apr, 2011


Scotsgran, my Mum has been tending my seedlings in her un-heated greehouse and I did laugh, or should I have worried, when I brought them home for planting out. Why? Because there were used matches in each and every seed tray where she's lit the paraffin heater! It's a wonder I haven't got Red Hot Poker plants ..........

19 Apr, 2011


LOL what mothers do for their offspring Shirley.

19 Apr, 2011


She's a good 'un, 84 now with slight dementia but keeps smiling. : o )

20 Apr, 2011


Bless her

20 Apr, 2011


Hello Scotsgran! I was going to suggest a paraffin heater as well, they work really well, and if you put bubble wrap on the inside of the greenhouse, well, it makes it so cosy, you could nearly live in it!! The smell reminds me of the paraffin heater in the bathroom at bathtime when I was very (!) young!
Shirley made me laugh with the matches in the seed tray! Good for her lovely Mum!!

23 Apr, 2011


Libet you are very young. It was an outside loo and a tin tub in front of the fire when I was little LOL. I have my glass greenhouse lined with old shower curtains. They keep it warm in winter and cool in summer.

23 Apr, 2011


Ahh yes, Rogi... looks like a cousin to mine! Good tip with the shower curtains, Scotsgran. Going to visit the dollar store to buy some. I was thinking of suspending a sheet of lattice from the ceiling to cool things in summer but your shower curtain idea sounds a lot easier.

14 Jul, 2011


When we visited Germany in September one year, near Heidelberg we were surprised to see outside planters draped in old net curtains. It was to keep off the frost and worked a treat. They were taken off after the sun had risen.

18 Jul, 2011


That's a trick often used over here too, Scotsgran... our first frosts can come as early as Sept/Oct. Can remember my parents covering tomato plants etc. with paper bags or table cloths...

18 Jul, 2011

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