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Hi All,
desperately need urgent advice but maybe too late. My Phoenix R has been out in temperatures of around minus 5 - 7 and all the foliage has gone Brown , is it too late to save it ?



May be. However, protect it now bring it in (or at least out of frost), and hope that the frost has not penetrated too far. If it's not oo far gone, then new leaves will grow back. But . . .
Hardy to about -5 max. Worthy

21 Dec, 2010


I usually tie up the leaves to protect the central growing point - but i forgot - so have now wrapped it in a blanket and put a plastic sheet over it - which i wil;l remove once the snow has gone. But last year all of it went brown and i thought it would die - but come late spring it sprouted forth new growth - with many shrubs it is worth giving them a season before digging them out.

22 Dec, 2010


Hi All,
thanks for the rapid pesponse it really much appreciated , I will let you know how they get on ! and happy holidays to you all.

22 Dec, 2010


Better to use fleece than plastic: The bud still needs to breathe.

27 Dec, 2010

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