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By Sophiem

Herts, United Kingdom

I have a mexican fortune tree in the house and its leaves are turning brown and all falling off. Can anyone give me any advice on how best to care for it? I have baby bio liquid plant food for it, i dont know if that is the best thing. It hadnt been getting a lot of light where it was and was getting very hot so i have moved it to a lighter, cooler position.



Hi Sophiem long time no see. Are you well? Hppy new year.
the warmth/lack of light was probably the cause of the leaf drop. Unless the drop happened after you moved it then its the cooler conditions. Though i suspect the warmth was more likely. In the recent weather the heating will have been on higher I suspect [it has during the school hols] In its cooler position it should re-leaf for you. Give it a half strength feed once new leaves start to open.

4 Jan, 2011


Hi. It has been a long time as I have now moved house!
Happy new year to you too!
i suspected the warmth, as my in-laws, whom I now live with have the heating on very high and keep their blinds partially closed!
I have been feeding baby bio liquid, do you think that is best? And I thought maybe its also being over watered and I should leave it to comptly dry out before i do it again?

4 Jan, 2011


I would leave the compost to get barely damp before watering again. then I wouldnt dont feed it more frquently than once a month.
Hope this helps.

4 Jan, 2011



5 Jan, 2011


They seem to like lots of light, too. Warmth alone probably wouldn't be a problem, since we grow them outdoors in the summer, here in the desert. Low humidity and poor air circulation can be a problem, though.

6 Jan, 2011

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