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I am completely new to gardening and am planning to grow some vegetables this year in a raised bed. Back in November I planted, directly into the bed:
Garlic Illico
Onion sets Autumn Champion
Spring onion White Lisbon Winter Hardy
Corn Salad large leaved
Pea Feltham First

The garlic and onions are shooting (wooo!) but nothing from the others. I'm aware that I left it quite late so assume that's why - the packets say September/Autumn but I thought I might give it a go! Never mind.

My question is - can I try again with these seeds in Spring? The peas and corn salad packets seem to suggest I can but the spring onion only mentions September as a planting time - do winter hardy varieties only work when planted in autumn?

Sorry for such a basic question but it's a whole new world to me!

Many thanks!



Hi Cmwbristol and welcome to GoY. It is a little early for your peas to be sprouting yet, though if you have mice they may well have eaten the seeds. You can sow them again in spring along with the spring onions and corn salad. If you had sown at the right time the corn salad would have been grown and harvested before winter.

22 Jan, 2011


Thanks Moon Grower! That's really helpful. I will try them all again in the spring. Perhaps my peas will sprout after all! x

22 Jan, 2011


Perhaps they will... Living where we do sowing peas and broad beans in autumn is a waste of time.

22 Jan, 2011


Good try, with such a hard winter we will all have to wait to see what we lost this year, give it some time (when the clocks go forward and we get more light and warmth) and try again this site might give you some ideas,

25 Jan, 2011


Thank you oldsparky!

29 Jan, 2011

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