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Hi, The snow has certainly left a detrimental mark on our garden at home... and more so on our palm tree, it's lost all of it's leaves & I have noticed that it recently has got this strange red developing in the bark (please see images) It looks like it's white on the photos but it's a pinky red on the tree bark... I think the tree is dead, but would like to know if anyone has any idea on what the red is developing in the bark and if it is a disease of some sort and should be removed asap? Thank you! Lucy :)



Looks like lava with a cooled crust, doesn't it? It's damage from the severe winter we've had. Keep any eye on that area - if it gets worse and goes really soggy, cut it down now, but if you can wait till April before doing that, you've a better chance of some form of recovery. It may shoot further up the trunk, or from the base, or both, and may take till June to show signs of growth, so if its possible to leave it alone because that damaged area gets better, then do. If it shows new shoots, cut back to wherever the growth is.

7 Mar, 2011


Thanx Bamboo, the tree didn't pick up, it was getting worse so sadly we had our local handy man come and remove it - your reply was very helpful though, as the bark did change and start going soft :)

3 Apr, 2011

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