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Damage to fruit on pear tree

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Over the summer I have lost my entire crop of pears. They have each had a hole, about 1/4" round, made near the stalk. This caused them to rot and fall off. Is this birds, wasps or what?



This is most likely to be pear midge. The maggots will make the fruit grow faster, making them mishaped. Pick up any fruit that falls to the ground. If the ground is cultivated, hoe the soil regularly. Spray at white bud in the spring.

23 Sep, 2008


It could be codling moths. I had similar on my apple tree - losing most of them but since putting up a codling moth trap (£8 ish in most garden centres) and also putting a grease band round the trunk I've had an ace harvest every year.

23 Sep, 2008


Sorry Suzannemitc,
Codling moths are not known for attacking pear trees, grease bands are for the winter moth which also attacks apple trees.

24 Sep, 2008

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