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I have a lot of these plants in my yard: Italian lords-and-ladies...Other Names: Taxon Family Araceae / Common Names: Italian lords-and-ladies / Arum italicum ssp. italicum / (Marmoratum) (White Winter) / Italian Arum / Arum italicum P. Mill. / Arum italicum 'Pictum'

Are these plants Toxic and/or Poisonous to my other eatable crops if they are growing next to my: vegetables, eatable vegetation, parsley, fennel, kale, aloe, tomatoes and any other eatable crops???

Are my other eatable crops that are growing next to Arum Italicum ssp. Toxic or Poisonous to Eat???

Thank You for your time...



the arum are posionous but they wont affect your crops. so no need to worry.

10 Mar, 2011


Don't eat the arum themselves, but they will not contaminate other plants.

10 Mar, 2011

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