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my rhododendron is looking weak and has lost rather a lot of leaves after this long cold winter what is the best to do for it?

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All our rhododendrons have survived the hard winter fine... what soil are you growing yours in Pippa? And welcome to GoY

20 Mar, 2011


Hi moon very new at this.... my soil is heavy and is a new garden the siol is about 3' deep then is solid clay!

20 Mar, 2011


That explains your very unhappy rhododendron. You may find the easiest way to grow it is in a large pot or container. Rhododendrons need acidic woodland type soil and it isn't going to get that in your garden. The only alternative is to dig up and replant in your garden having first dug a very large hole broken up the base of and then infill with ericaceous compost, plant your rhodo. in this and mulch with something like composted bark. You will still need to feed with an ericaceous feed though.

20 Mar, 2011


great thanks for that, im pleased i found this site. Off to the garden centre to sort it out.

20 Mar, 2011

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