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I have an outdoor elm bonsai and for the last 2 summers it has shed a lot of its leaves. All that is left are ones right at the end of the branch. What am I doing wrong it is fed and watered regularly?



They do lose their leaves a bit early if allowed to get too dry or underfed. Or is there something like a Vine Weevil larva eating the roots? If there are live buds on the shoot ends then dont worry it is just an early autumn. My Lime Tree and Birch Bonsai are both losing leaves and the Hornbeams too look very miserable, but this just means an early Autumn for them. Don't feed them now , it is too late in the season if they are to stay outdoors. It might be a good idea to just check the rooots to see if all is well.

28 Sep, 2008


we grow a couple of bonsais and it is very important during the summer to ensure they dont drought- otherwise they shock and drop leaves. Our bonsais- some are small less than a 1 ft and some are 3-4ft have water trays underneath them all summer and they are constantly topped up. Whatever you do dont leave the trays underneath during the winter!! By the way some of the Bonsai officiaonados will give the tree a season back in the garden to promote a vigorous root system and of course to help with the general well being of the plant.

30 Sep, 2008

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