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Patchy Dead Grass

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Hi I had some new grass laid in April this year and have a company to come out and treat my lawn four time a year. When they came to do the summer treatment in June they left the new grass and treated to old. But in September when they came to do the late summer treatment I forgot to tell them and they treated all the lawn. Since then my lawn has dead patches in it should they not have treated it and can it be rectified?



Well Sue welcome to goy . Need to be sure what they treated your lawn with. If coming 4 times a year to treat then should be in good condition.Wonder if they used a weed and feed treatment and how it was applied.

If heavy handed and left in large amounts particularly during a dry spell has the potential to burn grass. With some prolonged wet weather which think we likely to get - this should enable grass to recover.

I would however check what company using when applying treatment.

30 Sep, 2008

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