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Yew Hedge and quality of plants

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Hi, I am hoping you may be able to answer my question. We are hoping to plant an English Yew hedge and have seen some plants which appear bronzed in colour. on reading about Yew everything indicates the leaves should be dark green. the owner of the nursery, when questioned about the colour, said that yew goes through 3 colour phases - dark green, light green and bronze. Please can you confirm if this is indeed the case as I have not read anything about colour phases for yew.

On plant Taxus Baccata



we have several yew hedges, some on dry banks, others on damp valley bottom, all seem to have phases of bronzing - i thought it was stress (dry/damp) but they all seem to be growing well!

29 Sep, 2008


Usually the bronzed ones are sufering from lack of water or lack of food.. However it is best to choose dark green ones to be sure they can stand a move.

30 Sep, 2008

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