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Recycled compost bin

west sussex, United Kingdom

Now that we have splendid new recycling bins - my old black dustbin is redundant. Can anyone suggest how I could use it as a compost bin? The only thing is what should I do with it as most compost bins have fancy doors at the bottom of them - if you get my drift.



Drill plenty of large holes in the bottom and site the bin on soil,this will allow worms to get into the bin.. Do not close the lid down tight as you will suffocate the worms,keep reasonabley well watered,and Robertos'you uncle..Compost after a season!!!
Just invert the bin to get at it.

30 Sep, 2008


I have a compost bin which isn't fancy enough to have a door at the bottom. It has a lid at the top and is open at the base. I have it on soil. All I do is tilt it with one hand when I want to get to the good black stuff at the base and with the other hand take it out using a spade. So I'd say why not just saw off the base of it entirely?

I never find that I need to water it at all, by the way, unlike an open compost heap although I guess to some extent it depends what material you're putting in there. Mine is mostly veg peelings, comfrey leaves, plant prunings and tea/coffee grounds.

30 Sep, 2008


Cammomile, I bought an expensive compost bin that is always falling apart and I never use the sliding door at the base. I think you have the perfect recycling solution given a few small alterations.

30 Sep, 2008


Thank you all for your help - I shall start right away.

1 Oct, 2008


First you could turn it upside down and saw of the bottom so it becomes a lid use gaffer tape for hinges . The bin becomes an on the soil composter.
I use my defunct refuse bins for water storage as my water collector gets full quickly and i can put the bin in another place in the agraden for washing the car or cleaning paths.

Otherwise drill holes in the bottom and sit it on a raised airy platform the lid is used to lift on an off . oh and drill holes in the sides as well.

4 Oct, 2008

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