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By Murdoch

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can you tell me,why are my conifer trees tuning brown............
the trees are approx 10yrs old,in the ground,the discolourisation is the east facing side,location glasgow area.having just recovered from ;-12 degrees during the wintermonths



What conifers are they, are they in pots or the ground, how long have you had them, what part of the country are you in

30 Mar, 2011


I think things have got a bit dry at the moment. They are probably quite young and in pots, some of mine are in pots and looking a little sorry for themselves; try a nice long drink [for them].

30 Mar, 2011


could be many things:
too dry,
too cold,
too windy,
conifer aphid,
honey fungus,

dry and wind are probably the most likely though.

30 Mar, 2011

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