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I have an established escellonia hedge which has virtually died off this year , as well as 4 hebes, a new zealand flax a berberis and a few other established shrubs. also a castor oil plant. All have completely died since last summer. I live near the sea in South Wales, the garden being fairly exposed. The first 16 inches of soil is free draining underneath that ib very heavy clay. I haven't had any problems until this year. I wonder if you could throw any light on this problem. Pics. included.



The fact that some perennial stuff has survived indicates the soil is ok (nothing toxic in it). This last winter was harsh, and many otherwise tough plants suffered or died. I'm not surprised at the hebes, but the berberis, that's unlucky, because they can normally take anything the weather throws at them. Fatsia, well, severe cold will acount for that, and the escallonia, too, because it's a South American. I suspect that it's just the cold, looking at the 'burnt' patches on the hebes, and perhaps a lack of air flow to keep the effects of frost to a minimum. Worthy

30 Mar, 2011


Give them a little more time to start new growth, then cut off anything that isn't sprouting. Some of them may be completely dead, and will need replacing. Also replace the ones that sprout, but just won't stop whinging--they probably have damage to the lower stems, and may never do well again.

30 Mar, 2011

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