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By Pamkey

United Kingdom

I have a 12ft cordeline australis that has obviously been damaged by the harsh frosts of last year. The only remaining leaves are at the very top and the side branches are now bare except for the odd dead flower head. Will the side branches shoot again? I live in Somerset.



If you'd trawled through the questions on here in the last couple of months, you'd have found endless queries on this subject. Check the trunks for signs of rot, with or without oozing - if none, leave it alone and wait - it may shoot new growth anywhere up the trunks, or from the base, or both, and when it does, cut back to that point. If there's serious rotting, especially with orange gunk coming out, you'll need to cut down past that point now. You may have to wait till late June before seeing any new growth. In the meantime, suggest you remove the spent flowerstems.

30 Mar, 2011

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