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By Kezzy

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i have just used rotavator on garden full of weeds and nettles, have grass seed ready how do i stop nettles from growing back

can i use weed killer before seeding if so which is best



Remove all the roots, Kezzy, or else they will quickly grow back.

31 Mar, 2011


Bulbaholic's right - you can't beat a good garden fork and spade, all rotavators do is nicely chop up all the bits of root, then spread them around ready for them to make new little plantlets. You will need to go back over by hand and pick off any roots you can see, and dig lower than the rotavator to remove nettle roots in particular.

31 Mar, 2011


With any perennial weed, rotavators are an excellent way of spreading and multiplying them. Any chemical you put on now that will stop the weeds, is likely to stop everything else, possibly for the next 5 years! Nothing seems to substitute for digging and sorting the roots out, hard labor as it is!

31 Mar, 2011


I think we might be labouring the point Tug, lol - I hope, Kezzy, you're not the type to sink into despair, having read these responses.

31 Mar, 2011


you could cover what youve done in weed repelent membrane for a year rather than use the weedkiller . this will let the soil breath and kill all the weeds if you have time or as the others say its elbow grease time im afraid .

31 Mar, 2011


Lawsy! Sorry, Kezzy! If it's any comfort, I have to do that on a regular basis with bermudagrass in my flower beds, and I'm still in decent shape for a fifty-something! The next time you have to do this, plan ahead, if possible, and spray the leaves of the weeds with an orange oil based herbicide (Avenger is the brand available here) several weeks before cultivating. RoundUp can also be used that way, but it makes problems with residual toxicity--both to garden plants, and to you! Pace yourself, and good luck!

31 Mar, 2011

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