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By Mazford

hampshire, United Kingdom

Any one else had any acers die for no apparent reason? my garnet was 4 yrs old, very healthy.... now it is dead to the trunk all branches are brown and snapping..



Hi mazford,

I have had the same thing happen to me, I lost one small one last year, and I this year it looks like a beautiful 6 year old one has died too. I am watching it for any signs of life, but none as yet. I shall try the bark scratch test this weekend.

It's heartbreaking, the big one was a present from a family member who is no longer with us.

I have asked for a replacement for mothers day, so fingers crossed.

Happy gardening.

31 Mar, 2011


Several of mine lost branches but the rest of it is in bud. I have them in pots and bunched them together in a sheltered spot just before the bad snow started and mulched them and I think that helped (though half the snow on my roof fell on them and I had inch thick ice on one of them due to leaking pipe).

31 Mar, 2011


hmm... it looks like it may have tried to bud but frost had it... but most the branches are snapping... i will leave it this year maybe, cut it bac to the living bits?? who knows... i've lost so much in the last few years with this snow and wet winters... :(

31 Mar, 2011


Hope you get a new one chickenlady! :)

31 Mar, 2011


i got a whole big br5anch die of one of mine so cut that of . its starting to bud up so i did save it .

31 Mar, 2011


Yes. I have had mine for several years. Last year most of the top died but a few brances survived. This year only a tiny twig at the bottom is left. I don't want to did it up as it was also a present but it does look pretty silly. I have heard that they don't like wind. Anyone else hear that?

31 Mar, 2011


Hi Marshmallow - Acers do not like cold drying wind, so a sheltered spot is needed in winter for them if possible. I am surprised that my garnet one survived as it still had leaves on it when the snows came and the pot was frozen for weeks.

I put a few of the broken off branches into sandy soil to see if they would root with some rooting powder, only one looks like it might (has buds).

The Sunday Telegraph is selling Burnt Orange ones for £4.95 [plus cost of the paper...] if that helps anyone.

31 Mar, 2011


mine is totally gone... :( maybe it was wind that contributed as the big Kilmarnock next to it has been ladi down all winter, and only just managed to get it re staked... maybe that was working as its wind breaker, I didn't even think of that possibility, but kinda makes sense with all other factors too... I will have to find another red one as it looks so good against the green of the willow..

1 Apr, 2011


I lost a beautiful little Bloodgood last year - died slowly through the summer. Discovered it was too exposed and too sunny. I have replaced it with a berberis Helmond Pillar - smaller and not nearly as beautiful, but tougher!

2 Apr, 2011

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