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I have 30 new purple crocus in pots & new flowerbeds, most were blind, is it worth keeping them and hoping they flower nxt year?



Certainly worth keeping them. Whilst they are still in leaf they need a good potash feed and this is most easily done by watering with weak tomato fertiliser once a week. Stop when the leaves have died down. If you are keeping some in pots then I would suggest repotting in new compost in the summer.

31 Mar, 2011


cheers bulbaholic!! I will try that and hopefully have purple flowers nxt year! :-D

31 Mar, 2011


Hi Bulbaholic..just a quick update from my question last year - am pleased to report (cos I did as you told me!!) that ALL my purple crocus are showing signs of deep purple flowers this spring! RESULT!!
Thanx so much for your advice, and this has prompted another question (sorry!)
Why have all my yellow crocus flowered weeks before their purple cousins??!!
I would appreciate your advice, thanx v much :-)

22 Feb, 2012


That's great, Jeanette. I am so pleased for you, your crocus and for me (getting something right!).
Question two: There are many species and varieties of crocus, we grow a lot, and they flower at slightly different times. Some of our species have finished flowering whilst others are barely through the soil. I think it is coincidence that all your yellow ones have flowered before all your purple ones. Given different species it could have been the other way round.
Putting my neck right on the block I would suggest that the purple ones (Crocus vernus variety) are much larger than the yellow ones (Crocus chrysanthus varieties)?

23 Feb, 2012


Yep Bb! you are right again!! I don't know the proper names of my crocus (point to your team!!) but those lovely purple ones are definately bigger than the yellow relations!
Thanx so much for your reply, am glad what I did worked!!
Happy gardening! :-D

23 Feb, 2012

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