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Eucalyptus--I have done the dastardly deed! Encouraged by some of you I have sawn off my 7' high lollipop-shaped tree 18 inches from the ground. I'm hoping for new growth from the base, which I can keep low. Oh well, kill or cure!



Hi penny farthing,

Sounds like you have done a good deed, these trees can grow very very large. My neighbour had a huge specimen, luckily not over our side of the garden. It had to be delt with by a tree surgeon. it's been coppiced ( I think that's the term used) so it has lots of manageable stems rather than one huge trunk.

Happy gardening.

1 Apr, 2011


Yes, these plants can be hacked about and still bounce back !
My mother has hers as a multi stemmed shrub, in her garden and it looks good.

1 Apr, 2011


I cut my one down to 6 inches 3 weeks ago...

1 Apr, 2011


Thanks everyone, for the reassurance! The stump is rather ugly. Maybe I'll cut off a bit more!

1 Apr, 2011

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