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My Camellia is in a very large pot, and last year was covered in flowers, but this year all the buds dropped off, I think due to frost damage. Now I notice that the leaves are getting a black sooty appearance. Is this something that can be treated or am I going to lose my tree. The leaves are also a bit yellowy.



I have exactly the same problem so I have moved my Camellia put it in ericaceous compost and given it a good ericaceous feed. Lets compare notes and see if they survive!

10 Apr, 2011


Well mine was repotted into ericaceous year before last. It has always been in ericaceous, and I have been feeding it, but it doesnt look happy. I think this sooty deposit must be some kind of bug or virus, but need to know how to treat it. Thanks Sarah

10 Apr, 2011


The black sooty deposit is from scale insects on the underside of the leaves above. You can wipe the sooty stuff off to make it look better and use an insecticide on the insects or if your are an organic gardener your usual way of getting rid of bugs.

11 Apr, 2011


Many thanks Jen h.

11 Apr, 2011

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