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Growing 'Faworyt' toms for the first time,inside my small greenhouse 8'x10'( in buckets),are they bush,or do they need pinching out ?I am perplexed at the determinate or indeterminate words ,although my Suttons seed packet does not mention either those words,or what to do about the training of them.Will one of you very clever people kindly explain to me ?
I will be growing my Ferline toms outdoor,as they have proved to be very prolific and tasty,and were clear of blight last year.Thanks,in anticipation



Well, the descriptions I have been reading about 'Faworyt' all say that it is a "compact" beefsteak tomato, so that probably means it is a determinate (or "bush") variety.

"Determinate" means that the stem grows a certain length, then stops growing and produces a big truss of flowers on the tip. Later, 2 or more side branches will develop, each with their own truss, and so on. They make bushier, more self-supporting plants than the "indeterminate" varieties, and often bear sooner, though less.

The stem of "indeterminate" varieties keeps on growing, putting flower trusses out the side. They usually develop into bigger, vinier plants with a longer bearing season, and will out-produce the determinate varieties, given time.

16 Apr, 2011

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