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I have alot of aquilegias which self seed around the garden but all of them except for Nora Barlow have reverted back to the original form.My lovely blue one which grows so tall that i have to stake it is now apale lilac. Any ideas please?



what about a general feed and plenty of water if it has been dry.

26 Apr, 2011


Seedlings do not necessarily come true from parent plant. You can end up with all sorts of crosses... most of which are not worth having!

26 Apr, 2011


Pull out the ones that are least appealing as soon as they show flowers, before they set seed, and cut off all the currently open flowers of the "keepers", since they may have been pollinated by the "culls". Allow the later flowers set seed. Repeat yearly, and you will gradually develop your own mix of colors. We do theis all the time with poppies and African daisies, here in the desert.

27 Apr, 2011


What a great suggestion Tug! I add in a few bought aquilegias now and again to make the seedlings more interesting. I've never thought of pulling out the dullards and nipping off the seedheads that have their possible progeny. Thanks!

27 Apr, 2011


Thanks for all your answers especially from you Trug.I will try what you said but as I love Aquilegias I will leave alot of them as it is a cottage garden.

28 Apr, 2011

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