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Would someone know please what is gone wrong with my Marigolds. I grow from seed from these pots. They look fine and healthy when I transplanted them into the larger pot 3 day's later as you can see not good. On the next photo you can see the Marigold I planted at the same time they look OK. I used fresh compost with a little potash added. Maybe I have put them out to early from the glasshouse.One is African, and the other is French, Marigold, the African Marigold seems to be the most affected.I would be most grateful Thank you J.J.

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I would have said it's too early in the season to use any potash. I can't see a problem with the plants, Johnjoe. Unless maybe some of the leaves on the plants in the lower picture have gone a bit white - or is that light bouncing off in the photo? It's hard to tell.

If the leaves have gone whitish it may be because it's a bit too cold for them outside, yet.

1 May, 2011


I can't see any problems with them either. Perhaps the changes you see are just them hardening off? Some of mine are silvery-burgundy coloured due to sun scorching.

1 May, 2011

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